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Just like a Phoenix -A mythological bird that lived for centuries in the Arabian desert prior to burning itself on a pyre—obtaining new life by arising from the ashes from its predecessor.


Sky Jones local in the Reno-Tahoe area. It’s always been a passion of mine to source clean, organic coffee beans. Spending, the last few years sourcing small family farms that don’t use any harsh chemicals or machinery in the farming process. Not only did I find 12 small farms. It’s done all by hand, picking the coffee beans, and hand washing the beans. This is the old cultured method. This process provides jobs for local villagers. Providing a more sustainable, and equitable solution to the coffee industry. While giving people premium quality coffee beans. 

Rise for the people by eliminating toxins from our favorite cup of Joe with sustainable farming. Equally, Rise for the world. Eliminating our carbon footprint, and globally participating in reforestation. 


Shopping with us is more than speciality coffee, you are joining us in improving the ways coffee gets to the cup. Visit our new coffee bar located inside Haven on Earth Bakery & Deli, South Reno. Conveniently shop online for your next coffee. We don’t roast till it’s ordered to ensure your batch is fresh.

Local deliveries and services.

Whole Sale Coffee shop supplier.

Owner-Sky Jones