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My journey into the coffee business started during my time at the Mayo Clinic Medical School. We got into a topic about how conventional coffee is the most heavily chemically treated crops in the world. Also, showing that certain chemicals can be harmful for people to consume. It then became my mission to learn more about the industry. I also found that most hybrid coffee requires lots of sun, for which the forest must be cleared to make room. Also, that large plantations use heavy machinery to pick coffee cherries. This means, there isn't anyone checking to make sure the coffee cherries are fully developed. Not to mention, The farmers were getting paid below poverty standards. Learning this information inspired a mission. I decided to partner with small family-owned coffee farmers. Farmers that do not use synthetic fertilizers or chemicals. Farmers that prefer shade grown in intact ecosystems with natural pest deterrents and fertilizers. I also opted into paying partnered farmers living wages to promote economic empowerment. Also, always searching to partner with women owned farmers to promote gender equality. Lastly, I partnered with @ecodrive for every purchase made a mangrove tree is planted in Kenya. Further helping reduce our carbon footprint & increase economic growth in those communities by creating jobs.

Our Story

Our model is built on partnerships with small, family-owned coffee farms that avoid synthetic fertilizers and chemicals, favoring shade-grown coffee in natural ecosystems. We are dedicated to fair trade practices, ensuring living wages for our farmers, and promoting gender equality by actively seeking partnerships with women-owned farms. We have successfully partnered with over 24 small coffee farmers, providing a diverse range of specialty, vertically sourced coffee.  

We Roast our coffee with an Electric roaster. We do not use any gas to bring you quality roasted coffee beans. Making us one of the lowest-carbon coffee.

Offering services:

Green Coffee Purchases Small or Large Batch ( Wholesale and Retail).

Roast on Demand Service- You place your order. Then, we roast to ensure the best quality.

Full-service Cafe 
Coffee Tasting Events
Private events


Our mission

Our mission is to uphold Quality, Equity, and Sustainability. 

We are determined to raise the standards and pay farmers equitable prices. Also, to provide financial resources directly to our farm partners.

To further our efforts to leave no carbon footprint. For every transaction, we plant a Mangrove tree in Kenya. 

We are committed to being "Rooted in Impact"


Lowest Carbon Coffee

Speciality Organic Single-Origin Coffee Beans. * low-acidic *Toxic Free

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Available in a variety of Roast levels.  Dark, Medium, or light. 

International Coffee Offerings

Your store for speciality coffee from exotic regions. 

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