Our Global Partnerships

Our partners allows us to bring quality speciality grade organic coffee offerings to you. 

We take pride in sourcing coffees based on values that matter. 

These core values inform every aspect of our coffee sourcing and are the pillars on which we bring this coffee to you.

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  • Rising for people coffee

    Farmer-centric Pricing

    We are committed to raising the industry standards by paying farmers equitable prices that enable them to earn a living income.

  • Rising for people coffee

    Gender Equity

    We support coffee from women producers whenever possible, providing financial empowerment to women across our supply chain

  • Rising for people coffee

    Ongoing Relationships

    We develop direct relationships with our farm partners and work to sign year-after-year contracts, providing long-term stability to help farm communities thrive.

  • Rising for people coffee

    Invest In Farm Communities

    We provide financial resources directly to our farm partners, enabling them to fund projects that support their local communities.